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Creative Director: Paul Buckley

Cover Art: Jillian Tamaki

Publisher: Penguin

These book covers are beautiful. Not what you would expect on a book cover. So it is a nice surprise, especially from classics like the Secret Garden, Emma and Black Beauty. I am surprised that the texture transferred to a 2D surface really well on these covers. I don’t think anyone who saw these can resist bringing at least one of them home.

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Penguin Threads on

Jillian Tamake

Photo from Jillian Tamake’s site


Designer:David Pelham

Publisher: Penguin

I like this cover a lot. It is simple, yet eye-catching. The 4 bright colors didn’t compete with each other. Instead, it creates an interesting cover with simple lines and shapes. The face with an eye formed by a wheel makes people wonder what this book is about.

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Typeface: Eurostile

Designer: Gray 318

Publisher: Penguin

I like the combination of the teeth of the wheel and chess. And all the different silhouettes combine together to make a very lovely book cover. I especially like the little man on top of the middle wheel.

Gray318, or Jonathan Gray, is most famous for his book cover design with hand typography. We will surely look at some other of his work in the future.

Something Extra:

The UK Cover

**I read from blogs that both covers share styles similar to Kara Walker, who creates awesome artworks!