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Designer: Unknown

Publisher: Anchor

From the description and reviews, Choke is a bizarre story. I think the simple, yet dramatic silhouette and high contrast between the colors created sense of mystery that goes along well with the book. However, the author name on the right is a little too big for me and is competing with the Book title. And it might help building the drama if a typeface with more personality is used. This typeface is almost too safe for something this bold. In general, I like the dramatic atmosphere that the designer created with simple lines and use of colors, but it could have better type treatment.


Designer: David Drummond

Publisher: Anchor

It is a smart cover that shows the idea of “small crime”. With only the “l” missing, it contrast “small crime” and “abundance”. I also like the hierarchy of the type with some of them italicized. Just a simple and conceptual book cover.

Something Extra:

Typeface: Baskerville

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