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Designer: Peter Mendelsund

Publisher: Pantheon

Yet another beautiful cover from Peter Mendelsund. A cover that will catch your attention. Filled with words but it is a simple cover that coveys that theme of the book: information overload. Even within the sea of texts, you can easily spot the title and author: The Information by James Gleick, which is in red, a color often use to indicate importance. A History, A Theory, A Flood inserted in between The Informations leave some breathing room on the page and make it less overwhelming.


Designer: Alvaro Villanueva

Publisher: Soft Skull Press

How do you appropriately show inappropriateness? This book cover gives you an answer. I have never read the book but from its cover, you can tell it’s going to be funny/witty. There is really not much to say about it because cover really says it all. I really like the color treatment of the type. It pops but doesn’t distract viewers from *the point*.

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Designer: David Gee
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd

From the title of the book, you can tell it is an interesting book. It has a fun cover too! It combines beer and history in a fresh way: a tipsy picture of a Canadian Mountie. I mean a picture you will see when you look at the Canadian Mountie while you are tipsy. I like the concept a lot.

However, I don’t like type treatment nearly as much. There are too many things going on. Each line has a different typeface, with two of them having a shadow, and “Beer in Canada” looks squeezed. And I don’t think the lines above and below the author’s name are necessary either.

David Gee is a part-time designer and his “day job” is an advertising copywriter.

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Designer: David Pearson
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

I like this book cover it features the silhouette of Lincoln in a nice way. The purple background adds some color to the design without distracting the black and white contrast between the shadow and the type. The type is articulated in such a way that it forms part of Lincoln’s face. This book cover is interesting and pleasing to the eye.

David Pearson is an awesome designer and typographer. There are a lot of brilliant typography treatments in his designs. We will look at his other designs in the future.

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Typeface: Poplar

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