(photo from http://748photobook.blogspot.com)

Aaron Nieh, Yung chen
Publisher: Revolution Star Publishing and Creation Co.

Tokyo Boy Alone is a photo book by a Japanese photographer Eiki Mori. Aaron Nieh left much white space on the cover for the imagination. The licht color gives the book a clean look to showcase the style of Eiki Mori. In order to give the design some personalities while staying economical, there are 9 different versions of the cover, each features a different photo selected from the book. Also, the white strip of paper with the Signature of Eiki Mori is put on the cover by hand.

At first, this book caught my eye because it is by one of my favorite photographers and designers. But as I read articles about the process, I was impressed by the thoughts put into designing not only the book cover, but the whole reading experience. I have not had a chance to look at the physical book but will definitely look for one when I am back to Asia.

Something Extra:

Eiki Mori’s Flickr