Designer: Peter Mendelsund
Publisher: Schocken

Peter Mendelsund redesigned a series of Kafka covers in 2011. I was attracted to the covers by their simple geometric shapes and vibrant colors. Eyes are used on all the covers. The designer used different combinations of color and manipulation of eyes to express the theme of the book. According to Peter Mendelsund,

“I find eyes, taken in the singular, create intimacy, and in the plural instill paranoia. This seemed a good combo for Kafka- who is so very adept at the portrayal of the individual, as well as the portrayal of the persecution of the individual.”

The font used in the title is derived form the handwriting of Kafka. It is a nice touch to include some element of the influential author on the cover design.


Other covers in the series:

Something extra:

Typeface:  FF Mister K (title), Times (author)

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